Fuss-free dinner time 

I think I have found a solution to dinner-time dramas! We are moving to Mexico 😃😃 No, I am just joking !! But going by the happy dinner time tonight, we might as well. 

It was Taco Tuesday and there was absolute silence at the table . I didn’t even have to force them to take seconds. 

Here’s our leftovers:

And MsA has already called the shots on them! 

I leave you with my Guacamole recipe, one that I picked up from this awesome Mexican place near Plano, TX. The waitress made the Guac at our table and since then, I have made mine like that. 


1ripe Avocado

1/2 small tomato(chopped)

1/2 Spanish onion( fine chopped)

1/2 lime 

1-2Green chilli – fine chopped 

Coriander 1-2 tsp fine chopped 

Salt to taste

Method: Scoope the flesh out of the avocado, in a bowl. Add all the ingredients and mash well with two forks or in a mortar and pestle. Enjoy! 

Sometimes I throw in some fresh corn too, just to mix things up 😊 


This is from the other night, when we had Nachos And Movie Night. 

I know I have fallen behind with daily posts, but I will make up 😃

More later! 




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