She can do art! Day 6

I started doing arts and crafts with MsA from a very young age, but somehow sitting down quietly and doing some cutting pasting or art and craft with MsAn hasn’t happened. She is either too restless or I am too run down to plan anything. But, she surprised me with this a couple of weeks back. 

Our local shopping centre was offering an hour of childminding for an hour, so parents could go shopping and a gf and I decided to try it out. We dropped MsAn n her little friend MsM there and went window shopping.  They were there for all of 30 minutes, as MsM was upset, but MsAn handed me this cute bookmark that she made for me . ❤️

So, we came home and I pulled out the kiddie craft supplies, and we have been having a few craft sessions on our day off!  MsAn calls her day away from daycare, her day off and is super excited about spending special time with mummy on that day. 

I’ll share some pics of her artwork after our next art session.




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