Highlight of the day for Ms.An (Day 3)

Ms.An is my energizer bunny. She is my loud-voiced super-excited child. SP and I joke that she doesn’t come with a lower volume mode. The highlight of her life at the moment is ‘going to the toilet’. Yes, you read that right. Well, she has just recently been toilet trained and I showered her with lots and lots of praise, to keep encouraging her to use the toilet.
So, now, anyone that she catches going to the toilet, receives the same praise! She follows Ms.A in to the toilet (the sisters have no concept of privacy and have absolutely no qualms about following each other in the toilet) and cheers her on..” WOW!! A, you going to the toilet!! Mumma is going to be so happy with you” then she yells out to me.. “Mumma, you are so proud of A, she went to the toilet!” She caught SP, coming out of the toilet the other day and congratulated him on his effort, in her loudest voice and her eyes brimming with love – “Well done, Papa!! Mumma is so proud of you!” And then to me, ” Aren’t you, Mumma? ” I replied,” Yes, baby, I am!” The look that SP gave us, questioned my sanity, but I chose to ignore it, for its not every day, a mum gets called ” Goodgirl Mumma” for going to the toilet!!
Gosh! Love my noisy girl, so much!


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