She’s a big girl!

I am talking about Ms.An. YES! She is officially Nappy/diaper-free, now!! And we are very excited about it. Toilet-training was slow this time around, for various reason, but the biggest being her lactose-intolerance. The age at which I started toilet-training Ms.A, was the same age,when we were just discovering and coming to terms with Ms.An’s lactose-intolerance.
We finally got over that and got down to the business of toilet training and failed 3 times, may be because
1) she wasn’t ready.
2) I wasn’t committed enough.
3) Too many distractions read the father, the sister, the grandparents, the TV and the iPad.
4) She is head-strong and I am a pushover.

In the mean-time, she was moved to the pre-kinder room at her childcare and was doing the right things there for her teachers. I think being part of a group, helped her.
Anyway, two weeks back, she got sick and I stayed home with her, just me and her and I tried it again. This time, I made it our little secret- Mumma & Nanya’s little secret and she loved it. Also, she is going through a mum-crazed phase and wants me to happy, so the timing was just perfect. We had two accidents on the first day, another one on the second day and that was all. But, two days later, the tummy bug came back. We gave it a break and tried again when she got better. This time, I got braver and we went to the shops and we made it back home, without any accidents. Its been over a week since we used any nappies and she is mighty proud of herself, as are we!
I leave you with a pic of my big girl, taken at a party this weekend, her first ever nappy-free social outing 🙂


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