Family time..

We are in India.. Surprised the families for Diwali..:)
The last year has made me realise that life waits for no-one.. and there is only one way to live it..to the fullest.
I had a health scare early last month and had this urge to see the family,spend time with them and so the trip happened. Thankfully,all is well now..nothing like family support to fix your troubles..I have the answers I needed and am feeling  much better now.
Now on to the trip..Ms.A has everyone charmed with her big girl talks and lady-like charms and Ms.An has everyone smitten with her cuteness and mischief. I swear Ms.A is like a pre-teen,lounging in her aunts room..watching her shows,reading comics and doing her abacus work without me having to tell her.She has a specific shopping list and knows exactly what she wants.
Ms.An ..well she is Ms.An..she follows the family dog with his food bowl and hand-feeds him little nuggets of dog-food..types away at Nanu’s keyboard and tells him “Go Away ..its my noom” She is happy to play on her own..not worrying about anything or anyone.She happily goes off with anyone she meets:)
The internet connection is bad here..so I feel  felt a bit lost without my usual dose of FB and WhatsApp…but a week later,its actually nice.. I like the idea of being on my own.. not traceable 😀
Not that I am ever on my own.. SD is working so the girls are forever stuck to me..I want to get my hair done..:( may be I will take a trip alone next time.
More when I get back home…till then,be good and take care of yourself..


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