Day 6

It was a busy day in our home today.To be honest,we didn’t do anything productive,but when you have family over,time just seems to fly. Now that we have two kids under the age of 3 in the house,I doff my hat to the mums who have their kids close together.They are so full of energy and so in each others face 🙂 But just before bedtime,there are cuddles..lots of cuddles shared.
Speaking of kids,my cousin’s toddler is smitten with SD and the first thing he says to SD,the moment their eyes meet is “Go?” Meaning can we go out? LOL! It is so cute. Oh and the girls are smitten with the toddler.Anan not as much as Aadi..Aadi says,K is her new favorite cousin and loves it when K calls her didi.And Toddler K calls Anan “Chotu Bhaiya”(little brother) and we have all started calling her that..I think its a name that will stay for long!

Anan has another ear-infection and we are just finishing a course of antibiotics,but she seems really pale and tired tonight. Seems like another doctor visit is in order.I really hope she outgrows these ear-infection.
More later ……….



One thought on “Day 6

  1. Hey trish .. How you doing .. remember me 🙂
    kids and the infections and antibiotics dont tell him the doctors has prescribed Amoxycilin 🙂


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