Day 4 Random TV rants..

So,first off..I,now,officially hate cricket.Don’t get me wrong..I still enjoy watching a good match or two,B.U.T. OMG!There are so many tournaments/championships and every single one of them is now shown LIVE on TV and the cricket crazy husband has to watch it! I don’t know how he keeps track of them all!

And before he takes over the remote,there are all these random ‘animated’ shows that the girls have to watch. There is only so much of Garfield/Tom&Jerry/Powerpuff girls/MLP/random animated crap that I can take.Oh and how can I forget Ananya’s daily dose of The Rise of the Gaurdians.

And between all this,I beg/borrow or steal the remote for half an hour at 6:30 PM for a cheesy soap I watch..It was a good drama to begin with but as the years have passed,its just turned into one of those never-ending sob stories..but I still watch it ..its like my bad addiction!

But finally,we have found a show that we all,including the toddler enjoy.. She cheers for the team we cheer for..Aadi and I pick one team and SD picks the team that we don’t like..I suspect,just to spite me! But its fun to watch it together.But,it makes us crave something nice!

SD is watching cricket AGAIN! I am just so cross..I am off to bed.

More later…


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