1st of March

The first thing Ms.Aadya said to me today was..”Yayy! Its 1st of March!My birthday month is here!!”
She is so excited..we are planning a spa party for her..and she is going in over-drive mode already.. assigning me tasks and setting deadlines*rolling eyes* Well I have told her that this year,she picks the theme for cake and decorations etc and the rest I will do,as and when I can..she needs to leave me alone! But do you think that works? Nuh-uh!
Anyway,she is super excited about turning 7.There is a boy in her class who thinks that she is 7,because she is so tall..so she’s excited that finally she’ll be the same age as her height(!!!) and besides,she says 6 is a lonely age(translation :She is one of the youngest kids in her class and can’t wait to be the same age as the others)
Here’s my almost 7 yo,trying out the lei that Ms.Ananya brought home from her bestie’s birthday party.

She is such a little person now.She had to submit an assignment at school this term.The topic was “My family”.She had a clear precise idea about what she wanted to do.She wanted to do a power-point presentation and she wanted to print it out and make it into a booklet. She decided what pictures to chose,what the words would be.Everyday after school,she sat on the couch and painstakingly typed out each slide,asked me to show how to make picture collages on the laptop and finally it was all done.We checked it before printing it out,helped her with spellings and SD offered to reformatt the slides so they looked neater and the poor girl burst into tears..Her reasoning..”But I worked so hard on it and I want it to be just the way it is” It is a hard one..wanting your child’s work to be the best OR letting them decide what is the best..In the end,we suggested some changes,but let her choose-she picked one and rejected other.After all it is a grade 2 presentation and not a corporate presentation. And she was happy with the final presentation,that’s what matters..As for SD,that is a whole different story..But I get where he is coming from..School was so competitive when we were growing up and so it is a little hard for him to wrap his head around this relaxed laidback approach..but when he sees her smile and talk confidently,I can see him,accepting it..slowly and steadily šŸ™‚
I leave you with a pic of Ms.A working on her presentationĀ 


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