Things I heard that made me smile

I was trying to drink my tea and Ananya was trying to climb all over me and I was getting annoyed..I yelled..”Can I please drink my tea in peace?”
Aadya came and patted my hand and said,”I’ll deal with her mum” and then to Ananya,”Now,Anan,you need to be responsible and respect people’s wishes.Mumma wants to drink her tea quietly..So you need to leave her alone..” I almost choked on my tea..And as for Ananya..well,she didn’t care..she climbed right back into my lap!
Ananya walked into the toilet, after me, turned around and told Aadi..”No coming in,Aadu,Mumma go Potty..” I told her,you need to go out too,Anan..She shook her head,” Unh huh,Me Nanya help you,here you go toilet paper” Yup!being a mum means you get no privacy at all!!! And as for toilet paper..I was so impressed..I don’t think at that age, Aadya knew that that roll of paper in the toilet was called Toilet-Paper!!
We were walking home from school and Nanya found a stick.She picked it up and said…I name is Jack Frost! I Gaurdian! She loves the movie,The Rise of the Gaurdians and can watch it all day long.But Aadya is over it and as soon as Nanya says ‘Tanta-Jack-Barbie-movie'(Santa,Jack,Barbie(the tooth fairy!) movie),Aadya rolls her eyes and we remind her of how she loved watching ‘Hey baby’ and we had to watch ‘Baby movie’ over and over again..and she gives me a shy smile and says..”oh yeah..that was when I was a silly toddler”
I was painting Aadya’s toe-nails and she wanted me to do them half pink and half purple so that she had “Twilight” nails.Ananya wanted nails too,but I knew she won’t have the patience to let me do half pink-half purple on each nail..So, I painted all the left toe nails pink and the right,purple.Little Missy walked up to her dad as soon as I finished and said,”Look Papa,This Pinkie Pie and This Twilight-parkle !”

Almost time for school pick-up,must go wake up my Pinkie Pie! 😛



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