Practice makes perfect

Aadya loves sketching and if she can’t get a character right,it frustrates her. A few days back,she was in her room.She really enjoys quiet time in her room and I heard frustrated grunts. My first reaction was to ignore her and I did ..but 10 minutes later,I heard crying.I walked into her room and she told me,what was bothering her. If it was something silly as the iPad running out of charge or not being able to find a toy,I would’ve ignored it,but this was a real disaster in my 6 year old’s life.She was struggling to sketch her favorite pony,Rainbow Dash

.I offered to teach her and she was so excited.She found a picture she liked on google images

Found on google images

And we got to work:


And then she practiced some more till she got it 🙂


I am so proud of her for not giving up 🙂 Notice the details in Rainbow’s eyes 😀

Wow! Can you believe it,we are already in the second week of the new year ?? This year sure is going fast 🙂
Hope you had a good weekend 🙂


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