Day 4

And Anaan has generously shared her germs with me.Now I am feverish and have a sore throat..Oh! The silver lining in this cloud is that at least there is no school.I don’t hear Aadi complaining about the extra TV time. In other news,I have found a good doctor for Anan-one who is available when we need him. And it helps that he is easy on the eyes..I gushed to SD.."Omg! he is cute ..n our hands touched one time" To which he rudely pointed out that his,mine And SD’s,all three hands touched,when we were trying to hold Anan’s head steady..Whatever!!
Seriously,though,he takes the time to listen..and doesn’t just brush our concerns off.AND he gives lollipops to the girls..both of them..even when he just checked only one.
More later…


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