Day 2

I am trying to do an unofficial NaBloPoMo ..unofficial because I am not announcing it.So..shhh let it be our little secret ok .

Last night Anan got sick again.The barking seal cough,rapsy breaths and the works.She clung to SD for most part and even fell asleep early in the morning,when he was holding her.SD was feeling sick too,so he ended up staying home as well.We went back to the Dr’s again and we didn’t get an appointment with our usual Dr.The new Dr,just kept asking questions-I am surprised,its one practice,they should have access to all the records right? When she asked me which antibiotics were prescribed to her,I should have got my clue then.She checked her and told me that her ears were red and raw,but we should wait 2 more weeks,before giving her anything else.REALLY? She’s just finished 2 weeks of antibiotics and still sick and we should still wait 2 weeks. Anyway,we came home and I called up another practice and took her there.She was seen and in less than 30 minutes,we were out of there,a bit reassured and with a review appointment next day.

Hopefully tonight will pass quietly.We all need to rest.I am so tired of the sickness ruling our house..can’t wait to kick the bugs out.

Image courtesy :google images 
[Image Courtesy : Google images]


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