Aadya’s hand-me-down Pram. 

I delayed this post by a day.My plan was to click a picture of Aadya’s school bus-the bus that was going to be her transport for her school excursion.An excursion to the city,to the Museum.They were going to watch a movie at IMAX-The life cycle of a butterfly.

So far she has gone to the zoo,both with her Kindergarten and Prep class.But the zoo is not very far from home.This was huge. She was so excited.

But, I was so caught up, trying to catch a glimpse of her getting on the bus,driving around the school in circles,waiting for the bus to leave and yet again catch a glimpse of her,that I forgot to take a picture of the bus. Please tell me,there are others like me,who have their hearts in their mouth,while saying g’bye to their babies.. Please tell me that I am not paranoid..:D



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