Lovely day today

Today,we went to the park for a picnic play-date with Ananya’s friends.It was a nice morning,full of sunshine.The kids had a blast,running around.When this group started off,about a year back..all the kids were babies,learning to crawl and now they are all toddlers..:)
Ananya took a long nap after coming home- she woke up after 2 hours and then nursed and went back to sleep..It was so sweet cuddling her,I fell asleep too.SD was home and so he let me sleep while he went to get Aadi from school.
Nanhi had a doctor’s appointment after that and we dropped Aadi at a friend’s place for a play-date.It was wise decision,because we ended up waiting over 1 hour to be seen for a scheduled appointment! I hate waiting for appointments..and its especially bad in our area.Nanhi got a tichu( a shot!) for chickenpox.She is brave,this little one.She said,Oww,when the needle hit her first,and then cried for 30 secs may be.And then happily waved good-bye to the nurse.
Both the girls were very tired,by the time we got home. Aadi started crying because she was so tired..she seems to be having a few teething troubles at school-she is torn between making new friends and not wanting to upset her old friends..that and getting used to the new teacher.Every morning when I drop her off,I leave a big piece of my heart behind. She looks so lost.. so little..and it takes every ounce of my resolve to make me step out of her classroom and not grab her on the way out. LOL!I wonder sometimes how she would react,if I actually did that. I wonder if her teacher would react at all..
I rounded the day off with some baking.Baking gives me a high like nothing else..Love love love baking!
I leave you with a picture of the Mozzarella scones I baked for Ms.Aadya’s school snack tomorrow.


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