Daadu-Daadi’s visit

SD and Aadi have gone out for a movie today and Nanhi and I are chilling at home.We had planned to go along and hit the shops at the mall,while they watched the movie,but by the time we woke up,SD and Aadi were ready to go and I didn’t have the drive to get dressed quickly..I needed my cuppa more than shopping!!
Anyway,so since I had time,I figured a blog post was in order..:) Time is flying,girls are growing up so quickly..everyday brings with it so many special moments and I am worried,I might forget them.So,here I am trying to feverishly document everything…
ILs visited and it was a surprise for the girls.Luckily for us,their flight was arriving at 9 am.So,SD left for the airport,while the girls were still sleeping.When Aadi woke and saw that I had changed out of my PJs,her first question was-‘why are you dressed up,are you going somewhere?’ yup!she is a smart cookie! Next question-‘Where is Papa?Has he gone to office?But its his chutti(holiday)’ I told her,I woke up early,so decided to have an early shower,so that I could spend time with my girls when they woke up and Papa had gone to get somethings from the shops. ‘What things?’ she asked and I said,may be its a surprise,we should wait and watch.So we waited and we waited and when you are 5 every minute seems an hour long..Anyway,soon Nanhi woke up and Aadi updated her about the surprise.
The girls were busy playing when SD got home.I heard the garage open and told the girls that Papa was home and got the camera ready.Aadi saw her Daadu-Daadi step out of the car and she started jumping with joy!I cannot describe her joy! Daadu picked up Nanhi first and so Aadi hesitated for a minute..I don’t know if it was because her beloved Daadu picked up her sister first or if she was trying to process the whole thing in her mind..I told her..go on baby,they are here and she went into her Daadi’s arms..
They were here for 2 weeks and the days went by so quickly. We went strawberry picking one day,Trout fishing the other,to an animal farm one day.We had some super-hot days while they were here and they got a taste of the Ozzie-Summers. And then there were the mandatory dinners and shopping trips:)
For new years eve,we went to the fireworks display-at the start of the show,ILs wasn’t really keen,for haven’t they seen enough fireworks for Diwali..but after the first dazzlers went up,MIL couldn’t stop taking pictures! 🙂 It would be an understatement to say that they were suitably impressed!
Its unbelievable how much change 1 year brings in kids..
Last NYE(2011),Aadi wanted to put up a performance for us,as we waited..she was so restless..This year(2012),she waited patiently,knowing fully well,what a spectacular display was in store for us!
Last NYE(2011),Nanhi was just a wee one-just 5 mo.She was quiet oblivious to the happenings around her.She was content to just sit in her dad’s lap and suck on her fist!This year(2012),she sat up in her pram,licked her ice-cream and said WOW at all the right places!!
Only one thing hadn’t changed..a pair of smitten parents!I leave you with some pictures:


4 thoughts on “Daadu-Daadi’s visit

  1. Aadi a photo copy of you 🙂 nanhi is too small to locate in the pic so cant get like whom she resembles 🙂 but on the whole a perfect explanation about the picture, every word you described comes back in mind when i see the pics 🙂 🙂


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