Why can’t she still be little?

Today,Aadi was looking at pictures on my phone.Pictures of a few month old Nanhi,videos of the sisters together and she giggled at her 4 yo self. As I looked at the pictures with her,I noticed how much she’s grown in the last year.I mean,the changes in Nanhi,from baby to toddler are so prominent..but those pictures were a reminder of the difference between a 4.5 yo and 5.5 yo..:) 

And then half way through the pictures,her eyes started watering..When I asked her what was wrong,she said,she missed those days… She missed her little sister like that..All I could do was say Awww and hug her close. For didn’t I just have a similar feeling just a minutes ago..  Babies grow up so fast..but their big sisters grow up even faster.. another 2 months and my baby will be 6.She talks like a grown up,sometimes like a teenager*cringe* ,she plays with her sister,she teaches her father tricks to crack levels on iPad games,she pats me gently on the head to wake me up,instead of prying my eyes open.Heck,she even said,”sorry” when she opened the bathroom door,when I was inside and closed it right away..instead of coming inside and whining to use the same bathroom..and as I wonder,when or how did she grow up so quickly..she looks at her baby-sister fondly and says..”Awww..look mumma,isn’t she cute?But why does she have to grow up …why can’t she still be little?”
*Sigh* if I had it my way,I would just keep bricks on their head,freeze them in a time wrap and never let them grow up.. But,I know,its not possible..so I’ll just giggle with them and cuddle them and hold them closer..and keep thinking..”Why can’t she still be little?”




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