GoodBye 2012,Welcome 2013

Ohh 2012…I can’t let you sneak out,without a formal goodbye:) You’ve been so good to me.   Before 2011 left,she showed me that looks can be deceptive and showed me the true colors of people I considered friends..

You gave me the strength to brush off negativity and see people for who they are. You showed me that nothing is more important than my own self-respect.

You stood by my side,as we crossed to major milestones- my babies turned 5 and 1..oh 2012,you will always be special..because your arrival meant that my baby girls growing up..My first started school..My second,took her first steps and said her first words. When we were ready to welcome you in,my second was a wee one,who was not the least bit interested in the world..When we went to watch the fireworks,last year..she was in a trance..ready to drift off.Today,she sat up in her pram,licked her icecream and said “wow” when the fireworks lit up the sky.

You gave me so many new friends..not the fair-weathered kind..but the ones who I can actually rely on! The ones that I can call up when I get stuck..the ones who’ll help me in a heart-beat,without expecting anything in return..So,THANK you for that!

You gave me a job and even more friends..some very special ones too. The job brought back the “ME” into me..Its so easy to slip into the wife and mum shoes..I had forgotten that I could go out on my own..When I went in for the interview..it felt so weird..to walk-in with a normal handbag*gasp* and not a diaper bag! When I went to work the first time.. I kept checking my outfit ,because it felt so incomplete …then I realized what was missing was the pram. Its so nice to be able to dress up and have adult conversations..:) I love my job..and I THANK you for it!

You were the year,when I lost the most weight in the longest time.. over 15kgs..and still going strong..You will be special for that reason too..ALWAYS!

And just before you stepped out the door,you gave us our new car!

You were a good year.. you really were! This is the first time that I am saying good-bye to any year,with such a heavy heart! I’ll always miss you..Thank you for giving me so much-love,confidence,good-luck…Thank you!!

Welcome 2013… You have some very big shoes to step in.. looking forward to an even nicer year!! 

Happyyyyyyyyyyyy NEW YEAR to my lovely readers!!












10 thoughts on “GoodBye 2012,Welcome 2013

  1. Changing my book mark to your new consolidated blog. Just noticed your weight loss section. Going to read all of it now.

    LOL on your missing pram. Wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year.


    1. Hii Geeta,
      Welcome back! I need to work harder this year..and need to update more..:) I read your last post..congratulations on losing your first ten!


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