Gift Ideas I love…

I still haven’t gotten started on our Teacher’s gift..but I thought I’ll share some gift ideas here..

There are some great gift ideas here

Who doesn’t like hand-sanitisers,and specially when it comes in this specially designed dispenser? Details here

This is so far my favorite..I think because we have a summery Christmas..

For details,go here

At this stage,I am thinking of putting together a hamper with wine,bubbles,chocolates,candles and lotion.. I’ll only know for sure,when I go shopping!
The good thing is I have finished shopping for the special subject teachers..boxes of chocolate!That was easy:)

I would love to hear your gift ideas..:)


3 thoughts on “Gift Ideas I love…

  1. Lovely gifts!! The sanitisers look so cute and so does the beach towel etc idea. We did travel coffee mugs ( I am sure the teachers need a whole lof of coffee after handling kids all day 😉 ) and a hand written card where N told me what he liked about each teacher and I put that down for him along with the thank you’s. The teachers loved the gifts!! and N was super happy wishing them Merry Christmas!!
    And on a side note – Where art thou?? We miss you, come back to blogland soon!!


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