Potter Mania strikes again!Day 11

Harry Potter has major fan following in the Sunshine household.Both SD and I were big fans and then along came Aadya and by the time she was 4,she had watched all of the movies in the Harry Potter series. And literally,in the last 16 months since Nanhi’s birth and even through my pregnancy,a HP movie was enough to cheer her up.
Tonight,I don’t have to cook..I put together a goat curry in the slow cooker and for some reason I am in the weekend mood.So,we planned a movie night in..and obviously the movie of choice was HP!
The girls are snuggled up on the couch with their drinks,Mango Tang.Nanhi called me to sit next to her and she is squeezed in between me and her didi and time there is a loud sound,she startles,then looks at me for assurance and then goes back to the movie!
I think she just might be the the youngest Harry Potter fan!
Any other Harry Potter fans here?Show of hands,please!!


15 thoughts on “Potter Mania strikes again!Day 11

  1. Me me! I gave up watching the movies around No. 3 as I felt them moving away from the book’s storyline a bit much, and got irritated. But then, they show it on TV so many times, that I was drawn in again :).
    Currently also trying to figure out how young kids can be when they start reading the series.


    1. I agree..I also think the movies are not as exciting as the book..but watching it over and over,makes it interesting!
      I would say 8-9?I don’t know..mine is just starting to read small sentences,independantly!:D


  2. Yes! Yes! Me *Showing both hands up in the air* I have all the books, have read them thrice (the whole series) and have seen all the movies (which I feel don’t do justice to the books but are ok) 🙂 N knows who HP is, have started feeding him HP trivia whenever I can 🙂


      1. Don’t know SM. I used to watch the movies with fascination earlier when they used to come in hindi on Pogo. 😛 Later I shifted base to Chennai and somehow lost touch. And Btw, I haven’t read even one book of it. 🙂


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