My day today-Day 9

We had so many things planned for today and so,I had the brilliant idea of blogging on the go..I decided that I will keep writing snippets through out the day and then have a great blog post..Only problem,I forgot to open the new post on WP on the iPad and without internet access I couldn’t open it.Anyway,long story short,here’s some snippets from my day today..
Aadi and Nanhi lying on the mattress,we dragged out to the living room(it was too hot last night) and Aadi telling Nanhi.. “Mumma is older than you,Papa is older than you,Tuku(masi) is older than you,Nanu is older than you,Dadu is older than you,Dadi is older than you..etc etc..”till she had accounted all the family members..Nanhi listened quietly and then nodded wise,”hmm”.
I took Aadi for a painting workshop today..she had so much fun and I am seriously considering enrolling her in a painting class.I wasn’t much older than her,when I first learned to paint and I am so glad I did.After the workshop,we came home and I cooked lunch-a quick semolina pulav,which Aadi refused to even try. I have managed to get my hands on a copy of Vegie Smugglers and I am hoping it will help me get some veggies into my fusspot!
After lunch,it was time for swimming..SD went in the water this time and I sat with my iPad with all the intentions of blogging..but there was no internet,so spent the time playing Panda Jam..my latest obsession.
After swimming,Ms.Aadya wanted a cupcake so we went to the cupcake bakery for coffee,the girls had cupcakes and we had our coffees.
And then,it was time for a grocery run!There is nothing I love more than a well stocked fridge and pantry.SD bought loads of marinated kebabs,so thats what we had for dinner-kebabs with steamed rice and moong daal.
Now the girls are in bed and we are watching Talaash..SD is on leave from tomorrow so I am hoping to get a break atleast in terms of school runs:)
More later


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