My good man-Day 7

Yesterday I was in a mopey kind of mood..getting irritated about everything,feeling sorry for myself.SD asked me if something was bothering me or was it just PMS! I started to say something…but he came forward and gave me a hug and that made me feel a little better.
I spoke one of my Besties in the morning and that was nice,I was distracted for a bit.I hung up and was feeling mopey again.
I called up one of my other Besties and spoke to her at school pick up.. again I perked up.. but when I hung up that feeling was back.
Later when SD went for his cricket practice,I worked out and ended up being super-sore.The kids wanted pasta so I made that for them and there was some left-overs from lunch and when SD came back I asked him,what he wanted to eat for dinner,so I could cook that.He took one look at my face and asked me to rest and made us both some maggi with his own special twist..and it was the most delicious meal ever.
A little later I was talking to a friend and when I mentioned I was trying to put Nanhi to bed,he teased..that it was his wife’s job. Another friend I was chatting with said something about being clueless about changing his 1 year old’s diaper.And I just laughed it off…
And then as if right on cue,SD came and took Nanhi off my hands,so I could talk to my friends in peace.And I realised,how good I had it.I cannot tell you,how quickly my mood changed then… I didn’t feel sad or dejected anymore..all I felt was this warm fuzzy feeling..and ohh!So much love for SD!
And he did get some extra brownie points for letting me eat the last ice-cream cone in freezer.. sometimes a girl needs her chocolate ice-cream..and if a man can share the very last one with her,when he is craving it equally bad.. he needs to be appreciated.. he needs to be put on the pedestal!! He deserves a special blog POST! 🙂
That’s why this post had to be written..:)
Love you,SD!


12 thoughts on “My good man-Day 7

  1. Awwww so sweet..this post definitely deserves hugs to u n a pat on ur hubbys back 😉 its so gud to have someone around u who understands your feelings when u can’t put them to words..you are blessed to have someone like that Touchwood!!


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