Run,run,run… Day 16

‘Run,run,run’these three words,describe my day today..and I can’t believe how I got through it..
My day started at 6:30 am..I woke up to the chirping birds today.And 5 minutes after I woke up,so did Ms.Ananya 🙂 Yes she has an alert system!
10 minutes later,Ms.Aadya woke up..I think she has an alert system too.
Then there was drama-Anan wanted a feed,Aadi wanted a cuddle and I just wanted some more sleep.So,Anan fed,Aadi sulked and I..well,I just tried to stay awake and patient.
Anan fed,Aadya cuddled and we got out of bed,by 7:30 am.And the usual run around started-getting them ready and fed and rushing out the door by 8:30am.
After school drop-off,I headed out for my workout-finished that,went to the Toy Library to collect the chairs for our Diwali party tomorrow,got back home by 11:00am.
Cooked breakfast &tea-fed Anan&self.While I was eating,the cleaner called..and I had to go pick her up.Came back by 1:15pm-Started cleaning with the cleaner-I can’t sit and watch when someone else is cleaning.
2:40pm-shower& headed off to pick up Aadya.
3:15-came home,got Aadi changed and headed out to the park for a b’day party.
Poor Ananya had only had two 10 minute naps,by then and was so tired and sleepy. I put her in the pram and walked around during the first half of the party.The second half-carried her around and then chased her.
5:20pm-came home-folded laundry,sorted the pantry.cooked dinner-Pasta.
7:15pm-went to the temple,fed the girls in the car.
8:30pm-Went for a facial(SD stayed home with the girls!) I almost cancelled the facial..but I figured I deserved it,after the day I had had.The only time I sat down,was when I was driving or feeding Anan.

The facial was nice,relaxing..and the day is over.And I am not working tomorrow!!So,hopefully I can stay in bed a little longer.
Have a good weekend,everyone!


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