My Day Today -Day 3

Image courtesy :Google Images
[Image Courtesy:Google Images]

Saturday is my workday and it usually my busiest day of the week. My day,today,started at 5:30 am with a crying toddler.I woke up to the sound of her crying,sitting up in bed and no matter what I did nothing seemed to calm her. SD and I suspect she is cutting her molars.She hasn’t cut a tooth in a long time..and it seems just right.She is warmer,irritable and the body flinging crying that takes place at night..makes me sure its the teething.
So,anyway..I tried in vain to calm her down..and finally managed to get her to sleep and the alarm for 7 am rang.I was still sleepy..I cuddled up with Aadi for sometime and the next thing I know is it was 8 am. I got a text from a friend asking how many Laddus I normally get in 1 cup measure..and I sent her this long elaborate text.When I woke up,I realized all I had typed out to her was..Asazdzzhhh.. LOL!
So anyway.. Woke up at 8 am…I was rushing through shower and morning routine when there was a knock on the bathroom door..A sleepy Aadi asking me if she could watch TV..I said no and was met with sulking and frowns and when a sleepy child sulks,she sulks bad.
Anyway,I ignored her and got dressed,warmed a cup of milk for myself and negotiatied brushing teeth and brekky with Aadya,before she could watch TV.
8:45am-About to drink my nesquik,when I heard Ms.Ananya wake up.I took two sips and handed my cup to Aadya..there was no way,I would be able to finish it and feed Ananya. Nursed Ananya and it was 9:00 am-time to leave.
9:06 am- reached work..turned on the computer and headed for the coffee shop.I have to open the doors at 9:30 am for my members to come in.It was 9:16 am by the time,I got my coffee..I wanted to grab a scroll but there were 2 people ahead of me..It was 9:22am so I headed back to the library.

9:30am-1:30pm- The mad chaos that I love and call,a work day. It was a pretty good day work-wise today.

1:45-2:30pm-Came home,gobbled up some leftover fried rice as fast as I could.Finished a making trifle for the BBQ that we were going to,fed Ananya,dressed the girls and left.

2:30-6:30pm -Raced in and out of flower shop and then BBQ at a friend’s. That was really nice.

7:00- 8:30pm- Gave the girls showers,Fed Ananya,finished ‘The Five Year Engagement’.

8:30-10:00pm- Went to pick up organic coriander that one of the local mums was giving away;Made omlettes for the girls and egg bhurjee for us,while watching ‘Big Miracle’ Beautiful movie..

10:00 pm-now Girls in bed(Aadya stayed up to watch the movie)..I am typing away furiously to finish this post..
But you know what was the cherry on top for my exhausting,happy day??
A friend and reader shared a pic of the Besan Laddus she made using yesterday’s recipe.. that made my day more than perfect…:) Thanks again,Barkha for sharing the pic.

I hope you all had a nice day too..and I hope yours was more relaxing than mine…


6 thoughts on “My Day Today -Day 3

  1. Phew you sure had a tiring but fun filled day.

    Hey I made the laddos using your recipe last evening. I missed the kesar, and instead of using the nuts for garnishing, my sister suggested me to mix them in the flour for a nutty laddo. I liked your idea of using milk instead of even more ghee. I actually made them to store, but guess what, me and Imran just kept eating. šŸ™‚


    1. Hahaha thats why I make the laddus last..otherwise they never last till the actual Diwali day:)
      I used to mix nuts too..but Ms.Aadya doesn’t like nuts n raisins..so I just garnish with it..But I love the surpise element of nutty laddus..:)
      Any pictures??I want to create a new page with pics sent by readers..:)


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