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Halloween 2012 in Pictures NaBloPoMo-1

This year we tried our hands at Pumpkin Carving..Well,I decided we’ll do it..and SD was the one who actually did it:) I did help by drawing the shapes that he needed to carve.

He was bestowed the title of ‘The Coolest Dad in the whole World’

This year,I wanted to put some decorations up,because Aadya was so excited about Halloween..So,I made this ghost,inspired by someone from one of my facebook groups.

Nothing like a little Tinsel garland to brighten up.

A Bunting using witches and Halloween themed pictures from one of Aadya’s activity books.

The Indo-Western touch at the main door

And finally,the stars of the blog…

Happy Halloween from My Sunshines

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8 thoughts on “Halloween 2012 in Pictures NaBloPoMo-1

    1. Inspired by you PB..I meant to leave you a comment..:) Good luck to you too.
      LOL! yes I’ve heard that from some friends here too..My response.. one of my daughters is an we are just keeping up her traditions!!:D


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