Chalk n Cheese

My girls are like Chalk & Cheese..Ohh!I love the sound of that ‘My girls’…I always  wanted a girl and I always hoped that she would have atleast 1 sister 🙂

So,anyway,as I was saying,Aadya and Ananya are like Chalk and cheese..They look similar..but that’s where the similarities end..One likes sweets,the other savories..We went to a Gurudwara recently.They were both eating from my plate. I offered a spoonful of kheer(rice pudding) to Anani,she tasted it and refused to eat anymore..I gave some to Aadya and she loved it.Ananya lapped up the daal instead..that Aadi refused to eat.

Aadya was stuck to me with Fevicol forever,when she was 1 yo..Ananya happily goes and makes friends with even random strangers.

Aadya was a complete mumma’s girl..Ananya..well she is a Mumma’s girl..only when her Papa isn’t around! She is a complete Papa’s girl…she even refuses to come to me,when I call her,if SD is holding her..breaks my heart into a thousand pieces every single time..I worry..when I stop breastfeeding her..she will completely stop coming to me..:(

Ananya knows no fear..I remember when Aadya was around 9 months,she tried to grab my cup of tea.I stopped her..but she tried it again.That time,I let her touch it.The cup was warm by then..but she felt the heat and knew better to not touch it again.But Ananya..No!she doesn’t care.She will touch it again and again..and give me a dead stare..as if to say..’I dare you,mum!!’ If I scold her..she keeps looking into my eyes..smiling..without breaking eye contact..till I don’t start smiling.She is not one to cow down! Aadi,on the other hand..gets upset..and starts crying..She is my sensitive princess..this one-my brattina!!

Though Aadya was the closest to me..she got attached to just about everyone,that she came in touch with. Ananya on the other hand..is so friendly..she smiles at everyone,stares at some too..!!!I don’t know why she is like that with some people!LOL! But..as I was saying,she is so friendly with everyone..but attached to only a few.

They are so different yet so in similar..The way they sit,they way they eat,the way they both talk in their sleep..They both love Boondi and Parle G  …Oh I could go on and on…and now I wonder if the title even makes sense..

Oh well,Different or Similar..I love them to bits..I leave you with a pic on my girls..It seems surreal that they were once inside me..:)


6 thoughts on “Chalk n Cheese

  1. Alright, one line that stands out in this post is “ATLEAST one sister” 😉 Ahem.. ahem. 🙂 Totally different, are they? My kids have different gender so I assumed that they have to be different. I totally love the variety that they bring too. And am totally with you on the sound of “My KidS” 😀 Everytime I say/hear it, I feel a sense of achievement like climbing everest 😀


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