He is a girl-2

For some reason,my baby girls were/are almost always mistaken for boys..It happened with Aadi and it happened again with Anzie..This time,to an extent it could be the clothes that she was wearing…I dressed her in all possible colors..including pink..but every single time that she wasn’t wearing pink,I was asked if its a boy!!!!

Anyway…I wanted to get her ears pierced from the time she turned 3 months..why?because I LOVE little girls with studs in their ears. But,Sanj wasn’t agreeing.. every few days,I brought up the subject and he would put it down..finally,he agreed ..and I promptly booked an appointment,before he could change his mind.So,on April 15th,2012, we took a 9 mo Anzie and her super-excited big sister to the pharmacy to get her ears pierced.

This is what happened:


First the marking..


Too busy looking at Didi to realise that there was going to be pain,the very next second..

She was too stunned at the first shot..and turned to look at the girl,crying angrily..The second girl was ready with her ear-gun..and she stung her next..it was over in less than 3 minutes.She cried for about 5…This time DH handed her over to me… without fighting..:) And I cuddled her and soothed her. When it was Aadya’s turn,he was so mad at me..for putting his precious baby through the torture,he didnt even let me hold her for the next 10-15 minutes..

And Studded!!!

Aadya got mad at me,for making her ‘baby’ cry and the baby,told off the pharmacy lady,in her baby babble! 10 minutes later,everyone had calmed down and there were smiled everywhere:) Aadi couldn’t stop looking at Anani..and kept saying again and again..’She looks so cute with her new earrings.. and she looks like her name is Sania!(Don’t ask me who is Sania!!) She comes up with all these names for Ananya…!

Ohh!And these piercing studs,that you see in the picture..they are her first pair! She managed to pull them off.Next,I put a pair of diamond earrings..she managed to lose 1..and now finally she is onto her third pair of earrings..I am hoping,3rd time will be luck! Fingers crossed….:)


10 thoughts on “He is a girl-2

  1. hmmmm well not sure about the piercing at such young age , but i liked the studs .. even I have one year pierced 🙂

    beautiful pictures god bless the little one …


    1. Oh ho,you can find yourself a seat on SD’s side..he wasn’t too happy about getting her ears pierced too.. but finally relented..:) I think I noticed yours in a picture!
      Thank you..:)


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