Ta da… Mission Accomplished!!!

All the blogs in one place!!

Finally all my blog-posts from the last 5 years,in 1 place…:) 790+ posts,5000 plus comments..wow!! Those numbers make me feel so good:)

So,grab a chair,put on your reading glasses and do help yourself to a cuppa and some cookies..this space is going to get all charged up…

Image courtesy:Google Images

My mind is full of ideas and blog posts and I hope to put those down in words,now that I will not be juggling multiple ids..and fighting blogger’s guilt-LOL- yes.. every time I posted on one of the blogs,I felt bad about neglecting the others.. I hope all you Sunshine lovers will come back.. for now,I have,not 1,but 2 gorgeous rays of sunshine!!And there is something about the blog named’My Sunshine’….it brings out the blogger in me 🙂

Please do tell me how you like the new look 🙂

Much love..



2 thoughts on “Ta da… Mission Accomplished!!!

    1. Hi Lifesong,
      Thanks for de-lurking 🙂 It always makes me happy to find out about a new reader:)
      The little ones are super-naughty ..as well!!


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