Day 21- Babushka talks

It’s been long since I did one of these post,isn’t it?
Babushka has been home for the last 5 days and I have plenty of material for a post ten posts!
Like the first day,that,I didn’t send her to school- I found her sitting quietly in her room,looking at her class picture- I said,”aww my baby,is missing her class” and she said,”yes..that’s why I am touching everyone’s face and saying,miss you…” umm Ok…
She has asked me every single day,when can she go back to school..my little girl is all grown up 😦

Babychino was screaming,for no apparent reason,I was in the kitchen and in order to distract her started talking to her.
Me:” why are you screaming baby? Mumma is getting scared..can you tell me why are you screaming…blah blah…”
Babychino was quiet and listening to me..
Babushka:”Mumma,she is quiet now and you know she can’t talk,then why are you asking her all these questions..would you like it if I did that to you?” Lol! I had to shut-up after that.

Babushka:”Mumma I have an exciting offer for you..would you like to help me?”
Me: no!
Babs : would you like to help me,Mumma? I am asking again!
Me: no!
Babs: Mumma please come and help me!

SD was eating some cookies..he was sitting on the couch and had no plate..that’s my one pet peeve and he knows it.i saw it…and started nagging him to get up and get a plate.
Babs: It’s ok,Mumma..he is tired..just let him relax and enjoy his cookie in peace…
Me:* jaw on the floor*

Babs: Mumma,can I have some milk please?(after she finished the measly portions in her plate after an hour of serving!)
Me: No,you didn’t eat your dinner properly,so no milk for you..
Babs: but milk is healthy..don’t you want your baby to be big and strong?
Yes! I want her to be big and strong and really who can argue in the face of such logic!
I can hear Babychino stirring,I have to go now…when you finish laughing at my plight, would you be kind enough to leave me a comment:)


6 thoughts on “Day 21- Babushka talks

  1. the kiddo is getting smarter by the day eh…LOL on let Dad eat the cookie in peace..

    I am reading, I am reading ALL your posts…loved the fact that you are actually taking out time with your busy schedule AND two kids to write 🙂

    Hope the cold and all that is gone for both of them


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