Yippee it was Saturday- my workday! Today was pretty tame compared to last week. I came home and then we had to go for a 1st birthday party-it was fun for the older kids and too noisy for the little ones. The birthday girl spent most of her time on her mum’s hip and babychino’s preferred perch was SD’s shoulder!

Tomorrow is another long day-a birthday party ,swimming,eye appointments and may be a visit to the dr if I am still not feeling better. Oh! I forgot to tell you,my contact lenses gave my eyes a very bad reaction and I was in a bad shape for a couple of weeks-they are still very sensitive to light but at least,I can see and it doesn’tI feel like I m looking through a foggy glass. 

Thats all for now, I am going to call it an early night:)

Have a good weekend everyone:)


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