SAARC BirthdaySwap March-1

We are right at the end of April and I still haven’t posted about the gifts I made for the March Birthday girls.

March was a really busy month for me..I started work and spent a few days during the week training and getting used to new pace of life.Then my dad was visiting and it was Ms.Aadya’s 5th birthday..and that girl has a mind of her own and it is full of ideas and she wants everything just right!!!Anyway,more about her birthday later..first let me show you somethings I made for my crafty friends in the Birthday Swap.Here you go:)
This is the first project that I finished..

The pattern is from Ravelry-here
I love the way the colors are playing with each other.I reduced a few rows from the original pattern.

The next project is what I fondly call the ‘Watermelon Coasters’

Another pattern from Ravelery-here
There was one more birthday in March and the project that I made for that birthday girl,needs a post of its own..simply because its a fusion of old and new crafts for me:)
Watch this space for more …
Sending you lots of crafty dust..


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