The birthday Cake

This is what Babushka’s birthday cake looked like to begin with.It was my first time using fondant..but I loved the neat elegant effect it gave the cake.


But since it was a painting party,I decided to be really really brave and let her use some food colors and food color texters on it.


This is what it looked like then..it was so much fun..I joined in too!!LOL!

Even the candles were all colorful and so was the birthday girl’s shirt!

And finally the inside of the cake:)Β 


I was so nervous when the cake was being cut.. but when I saw this slice..it was all worth it.. staying awake till 3 am,baking multiple layers.
At the end of the party,Babushka told me,it was the best party ever and that I was the best mom in the whole wide world!!LOL! well what can I say..I try!:D


8 thoughts on “The birthday Cake

  1. OH MY GOD *Falls at feet and asks for blessings* How on earth did you manage such a fantastic cake with a 5 year old and 8 month old around…you are God! loved loved loved that cake!


  2. HAPPY birthday to Babushka.. lots of love and my wishes her way ..
    yummy cake Hope you froze one piece for me


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