Starting School

My first born started school this month.I cannot believe it,my first baby is actually a full-time school kid- 5 days a week,6 hours a day! She was so excited about going to school-every morning,when we woke up,the first thing she asked me was-‘Is it New School today?’..and then we would count days to the new school.

On the first day,Papa took the day off,we got ready and reached school in time. Took some pictures before leaving from home and on reaching school.We met the teacher,got introduced,put on Aadya’s name tag and I read her a story.

After the story,she settled down on the play-dough table and I told her,”Papa and Ananya are going outside,do you want to say bye?” She said Bye to them and told me,”You can go too Mumma”..Just like that..my baby was all grown up!I was so proud of her for not crying.

We can’t get over the fact that she suddenly looks like a big kid! Pictures from that day-


2 thoughts on “Starting School

  1. Congrats Aadya on starting BIG school!
    It’s so good to see our kids enjoy school n be excited to go everyday. Don’t know how long this will last though…


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