My big girl…

She is a chatterbox..Every time,I ask her, ” Can you be quiet for sometime?” she tells me,”No! I can’t…because I am one of those people who talk!” šŸ™‚

She loves singing.We got her a Leap Pad and she keeps making videos of herself singing.

She loves dressing up.Whenever we have to go out,she needs to try on a couple of tops before finalising her final outfit..I don’t call her a diva for nothing!

She is learning new words,every single day.She had a bigger vocabulary than I had at 10! When she hears a new word,she wants to know what it means and uses it in the right context,right away!

She looks so much like I did at 5…I see her talking or smiling..and I am reminded of my childhood pictures:)

She is a brat sometimes..throwing tantrums-everytime we enter a shop..She nags and pesters and nags some more for something silly..something that she won’t even remember the next day.

She loves her sister dearly and though sometimes she is rough with her,she is quick to jump to her defense ,when we pretend to be angry with the baby..or pretend to be too tired and want to give the baby away.

She is getting closer to her dad..more than ever..they team up,make plans in whispers..they are as thick as thieves!

She is starting formal school next week and I have butterflies in my stomach. I know she will have lots of fun and she will rock there..but..I still worry,whether she will eat her lunch,whether she will have friends there…

I leave you with a pic

Told you she is a diva!


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