4 months:)

Oh my Laddu,
What are you doing to the time??Really it hasn’t gone this fast,EVER! So you rolled over a good 1 week before you hit the 4 month mark. What’s your hurry,tell me? But you know what,for once,I am happy and not desperately looking for ways to freeze time and you,as you are. This last one month has been so exciting.. you are pushing yourself to a new level every day.
You are not happy lying down anymore.Everytime,I put you on your back, you start lifting your neck and try to sit up 🙂 You naughty imp!So, these days,I have taken to propping you up with pillows and that makes you so happy.
I am actually so thankful for all the extra pillows that we have in this house.Because God forbid,if I forget to prop you up on those pillows,you scream the house down. You have set new rules around here,the most important one being,that Mumma has to be in your line of sight ALL the time. So,when I am cooking, you and your pillows are on the couch lounger..When I am getting ready,you and your pillows are on the bed right across from the bathroom.
Sweetheart you are turning into a whole new person..I cannot believe it that just a few months back,you were a tiny baby that we brought home. But you know what,even then, you knew your Mumma and you set the rules. When you were crying, the only thing that calmed you was if Mumma held you close and whispered in your ears..and even now, that seems to work like magic.One minute I have a screaming baby and the very next,she is smiling:)
All that is fine,but,really Bubba,the other Big person is this house is your Papa and its alright if he holds you sometime..Yes Yes, I know you have been letting him rock you to sleep,last two days..but,we need more of those moments.I mean,come on… it’s not necessary to cry every time,I move out of your 10cm radius.And then,when I hold you, you are happy and smiling at all and sundry. Sometimes I want to see those beautiful smiles too.
You, naughty monkey, you save the best of your smiles and deepest chuckles for your didi.Your big sister,comes up with funny tricks to make you laugh You chuckled for her the first time..Gosh!Your Papa and I stopped whatever we were doing and watched in awe.
And not only smiles,you are a wild kitten,ready to bat your paws on Didi’s face,when she irritates you,by trying to eat your nose.You scream screech in anger irritation and want to bite her nose back! It’s the most hilarious sight. I hope I am able to laugh,later in life,when you get both get older and are driving me crazy with sibling fights!
As of now,I will just revel in the love you both shower on each other,and thank God for blessing me with such lovely babies.. Gosh! I could just eat you up.
On 23/11/2011 you turned 4 months.Didi was so excited,she kept telling anyone and everyone,who cared to listen,”Its Ananya’s Birthday.Say Happy birthday to her!”She insisted we bake a cake.We had a busy day that day and I was too tired.But,she wouldn’t give up.So,we ended up baking a cake-in-cup,which was quite a disaster..and decorated it with rainbow Marshmallows.I was too sad,for not getting/baking you a real cake..But,I promise you,when you can actually eat the cake,I will bake you the prettiest,the softest,most delicious smash cake EVER!
Oh and I know, you hear this too often,that she looks like Aadi or Papa or Mumma.. and I also feel at most times that you look like didi did at your age, but you also have your own face and expressions and voice ..and they are so you,I can recognize it,even with my eyes closed..I know,it doesn’t make sense right now..but it will when you become a mom,then you will know the crazy ways,a mom’s mind works in!
I’ll stop here with lots of love and cuddles and kisses and squooshes.
Love you always,

And you my dear readers,I leave you with this:) Enjoy!
Siblings rock!


11 thoughts on “4 months:)

  1. Aw … so sweeeeet !!! lol!!! Just watch with that pillow nest – at the rate she is learning to do things she could be out of it in a second !!! lol!!! She sounds so delightful, you are really lucky. And I am sure that daddy will get more and more little cuddles … and may even become a ‘daddy’s girl’ !!! Much love … xx


    1. LOL!! I know what you mean,TealRose:)
      Umm..I am ok with daddy getting more cuddles.. but turning into ‘daddy’s girl’..nuh-uh!!LOL! but I know,eventually it will happen.
      Love and hugs to you too:)


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