Hello from the Suburban House

Anybody still here??
This is Suburban Mumma reporting from the Suburban House:)
Hope you all are doing well and still reading:)
So,here’s the latest from our end-
Babychino was very very sick from the weekend of Nov.5th. She had a case of acute Bronchiolitis and was have trouble breathing.She scared the crap out of us,on Monday morning by gasping and wheezing loudly.This happened at 6 am on 7th Nov.We were sent to the ER twice in the same week.Since then,I had not slept well until,last night.I would just sit there watching her..forcing my eyes to stay open,even when they protested and started watering.Her cough is all but gone now and I slept last night..My body is so tired,my eyes are so tired..but I am happy,she is better.
And for all those who asked,YES! I finally gathered all my nerves and went ahead and booked the CT scan.So,thats done and dusted.And after the test I realised,that I survived the test..its the waiting for results,that will kill me. Anyway,I was told that if its something urgent,they will call me..otherwise,I will get the results from the Doctor,next week.And now,every time,the phone rings,I jump!
Babushka,went one level up in her Kumon English in less than a month..and WE are a very PROUD set of parents:) Babs also finished her Prep orientation and we got her uniform fittings done.She was like an excited bunny in the uniform store. Yes,there’s a uniform store and they give you appointments to get your child’s sizes checked and despite giving you an appointment,they don’t have everything in stock!
Oh and Babychino,rolled over and loves it when we cheer her on! Ohh and she is super-clingy to me now..She knows and responds to her name and gurgles as soon as she spots me.Oh wait..I am not allowed to go away from her.I have to be in her vicinity all the time. She is going through major separation anxiety.SD is not amused..he accuses me of snatching both his daughters šŸ˜› Then,I give him a sly look and say,he is mine too.and that seems to please him LOL! what can I do..I am irresistible.
Well my so-called friends don’t think so..we are going through a re-run of this.It hurt like hell..but I have come to realise that I am better-off without such friends.SD wants me to blog about it,to hear back from you,kind folks..and may be I will,for his sake..
Well,thats it from our side..I will write again,soon.
Take care,Luvies:)


10 thoughts on “Hello from the Suburban House

  1. Oh my firstly I am glad you went for the scan, often we forget abt our self when kids fall sick. I am so sorry to hear about Babychino, but thank god she is doing better. Please do take care of her. Big hugs to you SM, take lot of care you and kids.


    1. R’s Mom- you know what?As the negativity is going away..I have more time for the kids and having more fun with them..I dont have to spend time on the phone making senseless conversation..and can actually have REAL meaningful chats with Babs!!


  2. HEyyyyyyyyyy glad to hear about everything. you take care and lot of love to the little one’s

    and yes for sure you dont need friends like that .. so chill out and enjoy have fun…
    enjoy with the kids as when they grow up time fliesssssssssssssss šŸ™‚


  3. Loved your post! Reading blogs after such a long time. Why the CT scan?? I need to go back and read more of your posts and get updated. Ciao! šŸ™‚


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