Weekend Lunch/Brunch

WOW!I did it again..let this blog sit unattended..for so long.I try,I really try to keep up..I take pictures after cooking every interesting dish-old/new.I plan about writing stuff here.. but these days time is like sand..it just slips through my fingers..and I don’t even know when.
I hope you all have been well and I hope at least some of you are still reading:)
Over the last few months(read when I was pregnant and after little A was born!),weekend Brunch is just something we grab outside..Mc.Donalds,Nandos or some Indian restaurant…and that’s about it.And by evening,we are all hungry,tired and not satisfied..And tonight as I was cooking dinner,I was reminiscing the weekends of my childhood.
Isn’t it funny how most of our childhood memories have something related to food associated with them? I guess,its because our moms put in a a lot of effort in making sure there was fresh food on the table,for every single meal.Also,restaurants were few and far and eating-out was a rare treat.Seriously,our generation eats out so much,there is nothing exciting about it.
So, not to digress, the weekend Lunch menu while I was growing up was-
either a wholesome full-bodied chicken curry with rice and fresh rotis,a nice salad on the side.
Chole(Chickpea curry) or Rajma(Kidney Beans curry) with Rice,fresh rotis and yogurt and salad
Chinese style chicken chili and fried rice
Fish Fry with Daal-rice
Any non-veg curry with rice and roti.

And I really want to bring back real food to the table. Most nights I cook dinner that lasts us for next days lunch too..But,I want the weekend menu to be something different,quick and fresh..And I am looking for ideas.Would you please be kind enough to leave me a note and tell me what your weekend meals are like?


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