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Craft-a-thon -Day 2

Today’s craft was really fun to do,because Ms.Aadya loves anything to do with paint.And because there is still a day left for Shruti’s Artsy-Craftsy,we stuck to the flower-theme.
Today we made cardboard flower door hanger to hang on Aadya’s bedroom door.
Lookie-Look 🙂

Material used:
Used Paper towel roll
PVA glue
String to hang

The petals are made of used Paper towel roll.
Flatten the roll and cut it sideways to get rings.Open the rings up to get petal shape.
Color the petals with a paint of your choice, we used crafting paint from the dollar store.
Let it dry.
Cut the cardboard in a shape of your choice-We cut circles and colored them using watercolors in contrasting colors with the petal colors.
If you want to avoid using glue, assemble your flowers on the wet paint.

Inspiration: I loved this necklace that Filth Wizardry had made- and thats what we started to make..but when I cut the loops,I figured,we could squeze in one more flower craft!


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