Ananya Birth Story-2

So,the girls are in bed and I have some time..so,let me tell you the rest of the story or at least part of it:)
You might want to read Ananya Birth Story-1 first
So,Gene said we’ll know how things are progressing only after he does the internal exam.He asked me,if I was OK with him doing my internal or did I want to wait for a female mid-wife to be available.At that point,I was like..No way..I can’t wait..just finish the damn examination and tell me,I am having the baby like NOW!LOL! So,he went out and came back with a female colleague,to be present during the examination.
She asked me how was I doing?I said “I am good”.. and just then a pain hit me..and I took a deep breath in..and Gene said,No you are not fine,you are in pain! And I think I was having an out of body experience.. like I was watching all this from outside. Anyway,he did the internal examination and said,that the cervix hadn’t opened yet,so basically,that meant we had to wait.But,because I was leaking fluid,having regular contractions,and had GD,it meant things could happen very quickly..and I would not be allowed to go home. They would have to keep monitoring my sugars and the baby.
By this time,I was shifted to Bed#1 and someone else came on bed No#2.It was someone who had had 6 C-sections(!!!) I swear I am not making this up..and she was still 34 weeks pregnant but because she had had so many C-secs,and was getting contractions for more than 2 hours or so,she became priority.
By 9:30PM or may be 10:00PM,Sanj arrived with Aadi and my aunt..and he was all excited,thinking that we are going to have the baby now..But Gene came and gave me painkillers and said,we will wait for 2 more hours and then do another internal exam,and then depending on that,decide..what needs to be done.
In the meantime,they started prepping the 6 C-sec lady for surgery..she was going to have her baby then!!! Sanj was so mad.. his logic being,I was further along in the pregnancy and in lots of pain and all I got was painkillers.. He even asked me to stop being so polite and show the pain!!LOL!! Anyway,he left my aunt in the room,for us to catch up and he went outside in the waiting room,with Aadya.They kept coming back every now and then,depending on Aadya’s mood.
At 12:30 am,the contractions weren’t getting any closer but the pain was getting worse.Then the doctor came and said,they wanted to wait another hour before deciding what to do. Sanj was getting frustrated with all the waiting.His main worry was they were going to send me home,after all this while. Aadya was getting sleepy and being naughty..yes,she is a silly one..my naughty monkey gets naughtier as she gets more and more tired. And me? well,I was getting hungry.That and as Sanj got angrier,I got more anxious..plus,I was feeling guilty that my poor aunt,was sitting there next to me,after having come on a long plane ride..though she insisted she was fine.
Gene had gone home,by then,after introducing me to the next mid-wife,who was really nice..and now,I am feeling really really bad,that I have forgotten her name. I think it was Michelle or Sarah..Anyway,I asked her,if she thought I would deliver in the night..and she said,no,unless,my water broke they would make me wait till morning,when there was more staff available and they were going to move me into a private room for the night. Phew,finally,some decision.So,I asked Sanj to take Aadi and Auntie home and then,I asked the (Michelle/Sarah),if she could please give me something to eat and a tall glass of water..because,you guessed it,until then,I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything.She brought me two sandwiches and orange juice and moved me to the other room.Sanj took Aadi home and my aunt stayed with me..another hour till my cousin came to pick her up.
The pain was getting worse..(Michelle/Sarah) handed me over to someone called Julie(I think) I remember she said,she had 2 girls.She put name bracelets on me,made two for the baby as well and said,we would be ready in case,we need to go in the OT,as an emergency.
At around 3:30AM,she gave me Petadene,for pain and to stop labour from progressing because,the doctor had by then decided that I will have my C-sec in the morning.
Petadene,made me feel very hot and I woke up sweating.I could still feel mild pain..which was annoying and I threw up.To cut a long story short,I spent the rest of the night,on a chair.
At 8:00AM,the doctor came in and the first thing he asked me was,who was I saving the bed for and informed me that they were scheduling me for 11:30AM and so,I could inform my husband,so he could arrive in time.I called up Sanj and tried to sleep..
I shouldn’t have bothered because thats when the circus began.The pains got stronger,the anesthesiologist arrived to talk to me,I held up my hand and promptly threw up again.He said sorry and said he’ll come back later.Ten minutes later,the mid-wife came and told me that there was another emergency and so my surgery would be pushed to 1:30PM provided no other emergency came in.
Another anesthesiologist came in and some more drama happened..As it is I have bad veins,add to it,I was dehydrated,lets just say,it took quite a few pokes to find the right vein and get the pump in..And then,they started the drip. By now,I couldn’t lie down any longer..so I started walking.
Sanj arrived with Aadi and my aunt & cousin and the midwife was sweet enough to make a special bracelet for Aadi.We passed time chit-chatting and make calls,cuddling Aadya..until Irene,the mid-wife walked in.I had her for my last CTG and really loved her..and was hoping,I get her for my delivery..So,it was like my prayers were answered..and Irene was there for me. That immediately made me feel better and I was filled with a new energy.She asked me if she could try to express some BM for the baby,incase,I needed to stay longer in OT.I said yes and she did..
Ananya Birth Story-3


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