Ananya Birth Story-1

What is a baby blog,without a birth story?So,here’s the story of Ananya’s arrival into this world.
Friday 22nd July:
Early morning,at around 3-4 am I woke up with a tremendous pain/pressure.I got up and tried to walk to the toilet and even the short walk was extremely painful.I got back in bed and kept turning this way or that.But there was no comfortable position.Between 7 and 7:30 am,I started to lose my mucous plug..and the cramps were getting worse.Sanj was getting ready for work,I told him to be prepared,as that might be the day. He wasn’t too worried..because,just two days before,we had gone in to L&D with elevated blood pressure and they sent me back.
Anyway,my aunt was arriving that day and so,I was excited.Aadya woke up and asked if we could go get a cake for her.So,we went to get the cake,with my cousin..Walking around was extremely painful..on hind-sight I realise that the baby’s head must have engaged..that is what was causing so much pain and pressure.
So,we got the cake,then I rested.
Through out the afternoon,the pains kept getting stronger..but they were still not consistent.
Late afternoon,I finished cooking,played with Aadya,we watched a movie.
At around 5,I noticed a lot of discharge and decided to call the mid-wife,just to be sure..and as soon as the mid-wife heard my symptoms,he asked me to come in..I told him that my husband was still at work in the city,so,it would take me around 2 hours to come in..He said,as long as there was no change,it should be OK. I hung up,fed Aadya,had my tea and waited for Sanj to come home. When I told Sanj,we need to go to the hospital,he was like,don’t worry, you’ll be fine till Monday,when you go in for your scheduled C-sec.His logic was since we had been going to the hospital every alternate night,for BP/pain..and nothing happenned,he figured it was a conspiracy-the hospital staff was not going to let me deliver before the scheduled date!!So, his big plan was,we go to the airport,pick up my aunt,then if I was still in pain,we go to the hospital..!!
I fumed,ranted and raved.. and asked him to drop me at the hospital then,he head-off to the airport…That way,if his conspiracy theory worked,I would be ready for pick up by the time,he got done with the airport pick-up! So,we set off..the hospital bag was already in the car..it still needed a few bits and bobs,but I decided,I could get them the next day.By the time we reached the hospital,Aadya had dozed off..all the way to the hospital,she kept saying,she would stay with me and Papa could go to the airport alone..When I tried to wake her up,she said,she was tired and wanted to rest-IN the car! Now,that was a first.
Sanj was getting worked up as it was nearly time for the flight to arrive. I asked him to just go,I could go up to L&D alone..and he agreed..Another First.That should have clued me in.
Anyway,I went to L&D and I met the mid-wife,Gene..the first thing he asked me was where was my husband..he remembered that I was coming in late,because he was at work.So,anyway,he took me to the labour ward.Now,everytime,I went there,I ALWAYS got Bed#1..and that day,I got Bed#2..Another first! Gene left me there and said,he would send someone to get my stats and everything..I got comfortable on the bed and started reading my book. Everytime,the pain hit me,I breathed through it..and continued reading. There was a couple sitting on the bed in front of me,Bed#3,I think and they asked me,if I had any other kids..I told them about Aadya.The guy actually told me,I was pretty cool to come alone and actually read a book,while in pain.
I just smiled.. but now I that I think,I must have looked pretty cool!!! LOL! Filmy even!
Gene came back and hooked me up to the monitor and asked me how far along were the contractions…I told him,I stopped timing..because I was in pain for a long time..almost all evening.He said,he’ll come back to check the monitor reading.When he did,I was getting 4 contractions every 10 minutes!!OMG!That’s when it hit me..that something was actually HAPPENING! Immediately I called up,Sanj and told him the exciting news. Then Gene burst my bubble..he said,we’ll know exactly how things were progressing only after he did the internal.
To be continued
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