She is here!

Yes Yes YESSSSSSS! Babushka’s Baby sister is here!!!
I was scheduled to deliver her on the 25th but,did she have the patience?Nope!!
I went in on friday for another check up and ended up staying the night there..yes yes baby story will follow shortly.. this is just an announcement post:) All those pink vibes worked!
So Babykins is a girl and we are calling her Ananya πŸ™‚
She arrived at 4:09PM Local time and weighed 3.9 kgs.
She was named the Indian Princess in the OT and the maternity ward and everyone who saw her was last seen gushing over her hair..But No-one absolutely no-one is allowed to hold her for more than a minute..because she is Babushka’s Baby sister and she is heard informing the ‘others’ – Ok thats enough,my sister wants mumma now..!!!
I leave you with a picture of my precious babies


28 thoughts on “She is here!

  1. COngrats SM.. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Wadhaiyaan ji wadhiyaaan as they will say in punjabi wdhiyaan bebe tainu bahhut bahut πŸ™‚

    God bless the little one and I bet Babushka is all happy and enjoying yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    take care …


  2. yayayayayayayyayay! dancing dancing dancing..clapping clapping clapping and feeling so happy for four of you :):) Hugs to both the babes and their mother…


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