Surprise-Post 10

OMG!I got the sweetest surprise today 🙂
Two of my closest friends,here,threw me an intimate baby shower..just us and our respective spouses and babies:) It was most unexpected and I just can’t stop grinning.
Come to think of it,there were a few hints here and there..:) Let me start at the very beginning 🙂
Two days back,friend M called up and said,lets meet on Friday,after the husbands come home..given the nasty weather. I said,sure..and left it at that.
Mostly,if we meet at that time,its either dinner or post-dinner tea..but she didn’t mention anything.In the meantime,yesterday,at dinner time SD got a call on his mobile and just had a brief conversation and hung up..when I asked,who it was..he just said,it was M’s husband calling from M’s phone..I didn’t think much of it.
I called up M,today to ask if we are meeting for tea or dinner..and she said,tea and we could go out for dinner..I said ‘OK’ and started thinking of my menu options!!LOL! yes,this preggy needs her food..
Then,there is friend S,who calls me like sooo many times during the day..Today she was just so distracted and hanging up quickly every time I called. Finally,the last time,I spoke to her,she said,she wanted to rest up,as it was last day at home before starting a new job 🙂
Then,SD came home..and started telling me,to get ready.I had just woken up and getting mad.. “Why do I need to dress up,we are just going to M’s place?I can just wear my trackies and go!” and he insisted..’No No,I want to go to a restaurant from there..and can you put on some look so tired’ ‘Are you sure,you want to wear these clothes?’..I asked him,’What is going on?’ and all he said was,”Its Friday night,I want to go out” I insisted if M and family had other plans then we should just get a take-out and come home!
Anyway,we reach M’s place and she leads me to the Play-room,where we normally sit and chit-chat and I hear,’Surprise!!’ Waiting for me there are S and her husband and M’s husband 🙂
It was really nice.. the best surprise ever!They gave me a nice spa voucher,’Pregnancy Pick me up package’ at a spa,I had been lusting after:)
A yummy dinner awaited me- two of my favorite dishes- Paneer Makhanwala and Daal Makhani.I love these two dishes,specially when made by S. M even made a beautiful center-piece with vegetables. For dessert,we had mini-cupcakes-with little teddy bears on them:) and M’s special Masala chai!

I came away,feeling all warm and fuzzy and blessed..:)


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