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Wheel throwing

We had a chance to visit a Pottery Factory over Easter Break and I got to try my hand at wheel throwing.
It was a half an hour session and we were given three balls of clay to work with.The potter guided me,instructing me what to do,so as to give it the desired shape..Since I was the only grown-up there,he left me pretty much to my own devices..:)

Aadya wanted to help with the second ball and ended up added way too much water.. causing our pot to crumble:( But she lovedddd feeling the wet clay on her fingers too..

My final creations :

I wish I could have stayed longer and made more! Its been almost two weeks,but I still can’t get the experience out of my head!
Hubby was so impressed,he insisted we get the pots,glazed and baked 🙂 A memory preserved! Waiting for the final products to be delivered.


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