First Day of Kinder

Yesterday,8th February was Aadya’s first day of Kindergarten.She spent the whole week before that counting days and nights till the first day of school. On the previous night,we picked out her clothes,shoes,socks everything,packed her school bag and went to bed.I thought I’d let her sleep in a little,since,we didn’t have to leave till 1.00. But,no,she was too excited to sleep in.She was up at 8:30am and the first thing,she said was, “Good Morning Mumma!Is it my first day of school?” all said in one breath. There was no way she could sleep anymore.All she wanted to do was get ready and go to school.I gave her a list of tasks to finish before getting ready- Brush,breakfast,toilet,shower etc. And she finished them all in record time. “Can I get ready now?”,she asked again! Then,I made her bring the clock out and showed her the time,when she could get ready.Somehow,it was 1 o’clock and despite the pre-planning,she changed her clothes twice.She wanted to take some crackers,yogurt and carrot sticks for lunch. The lunch was packed and we were off.

We reached the school 10 minutes early and that seemed like forever to her.Finally,the teacher opened the door and Ms.Aadya was the first one in.Before I had even signed her in,she got busy in home corner. Her teacher led her to the mat,where they were going to have introductions. They had puzzles laid out and she settled down happily with one.I went to kiss her g’bye and she remembered she wanted to go to toilet.So,I took her to toilet and gave her another kiss and left.

Before we left from home,DH sent me a message saying all the best and don’t cry.This time,it was easier to leave her .. may be because she seemed happy there.And I guess,her being in daycare had prepared her for being away from me.

When I went to pick her up,she was tired but still excited.I asked her how her day was and did she have a nice time.And she replied yes to both.When I asked if she made any new friends,she replied ” no one came to the home corner,so I played by myself.”I guess,that will change in time.I am not so worried about her making friends,because I know,eventually she will.The only thing I am worried about is,her being the youngest in class.Some of the kids are nearly 5 or even older and here,my little baby is not even 4.Oh,well!I am not going to worry about it now..but,yes!I am going to keep an eye out to see how she is coping.

Thanks for all the good wishes:)


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