Two to Four


Yes,people !!The Princess turns 4 in less than 2 months..Smile

And I must say,as we are getting closer to year4,the tantrums and meltdowns are getting fewer.If at all, the little diva is turning into the sweetest thing !! For every small thing,that we do for her- fix her clothes or hair,tuck her in bed,serve her meals- she is quick to say, “Thank you so much!” Its so cute to hear, “Can I have some more please? or No Thank you” .If we praise her,sure enough a little voice pipes, “Thank you!”.

Every morning,when I wake her up,she hugs me tight and says, “Wow!Mommy..that was a nice sleepover” or if she is feeling even more loving, “Mommy!you are the best Mommy!” Sigh!Tell me if this isn’t bliss,what is?

She is very vocal about her feelings too.The other day,I asked her to clean her room.She didn’t want to.But,I stood my ground.She cried for 10 whole minutes,before she started cleaning.When she finished and came out,DH called her to give her a hug.She just shook her head and said,sadly, “No!I don’t feel very good right now.I am upset,I don’t want to be with anyone.” We were speechless.

In the last two months,suddenly most of Aadya’s clothes are shorter.Yes,she’s just shot up.Smile(touch wood!now!) And now,whenever we go shopping,I have to make sure,she tries on the clothes,before I buy it. And boy!!she loves it.She is such a girlie girl. She pays attention to accessories,shoes,bags,everything!Sometimes,madam even comments on my clothes and insists on picking some for me too.Not always fun! Specially now,that a lot of my clothes are either too snug or don’t fit.

Speaking of shopping,we went shopping for a friend’s two month old. When the baby was born,I was too tired,nauseous and more importantly car-sick to travel.So,anyway,we went shopping and Aadi went beserk!She wanted to pick up so many things for the little girl.Finally,we picked up a nice playmat and a dress.Uff,just picking that one dress,took her longer than it took me to pick the playmat.And I was reading the features on each one tooWinking smile

So,anyway,finally an outfit was picked.And then,started the oohing and aahing. “Ohhh Mumma,isn’t this pretty?Diya kitni cute lagegi na yeh dress pehen ke!Who kitni khush hogi na,Aadya didi ka gift dekh ke! [Diya will look so cute,wearing this dress.She will be so happy to see Aadya didi’s gift.] She,then,made a card for Diya baby and even wrapped the gift herself.I have been trying to get her to write letters for a while..but she is not interested,but,that day she asked me teach her how to write DiyaSmile I just wish,I had remembered to take pictures.

Tomorrow,we have an interview with Aadya’s Kinder teacher and she is so excited.Every night before going to sleep,she counts the days to kinder.Every morning,she counts how many more sleeps to kinder.I hope she enjoys it.In fact,I am sure,she’ll enjoy it.Its me,who is a blubbering mess,every now and then,thinking,my baby is all grown up.

Please wish my baby a happy Kinder yearSmile


8 thoughts on “Two to Four

    1. Aww really,Uma:) A big hug to your Adya! I can imagine her being an expert shopper..we named them Aadya/Adya n made them Divas:D
      thanks for the wishes.


  1. That is so cute “I am upset now don’t want to be with someone ” It shows today’s kids are so matured and vocal about their feelings from small age !
    Wishing Aadya a very happy Kinder year 😀 😀


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