All talked out…

Do you ever feel that way??
Well,thats exactly how I feel right now.Its nice to have my sister around..we chat all day long..sometimes,I am too tired to even talk to my dad..thats a first.
I was the designated chatterbox of the family..now I feel,I am not used to talking anymore..or may be I am just getting old.heck!I’ll be 31 soon.
or may be I am just tired..endless shopping trips,long walks,cooking sessions,late-nights,early mornings..all add up to it..na?
do you ever feel this way-too tired to talk/react??too tired to hear someone else talk?what do you do then?too tired to even type?LOL..well,do you?


4 thoughts on “All talked out…

  1. Too tired to talk? That’s yet to happen! πŸ˜† though I know a few ppl who are waiting on the sidelines for that to happen to me! :mrgreen:

    Awww, hugs Trish! Just ask them to talk & entertain you! It must be the hectic schedule.

    What if I ever got too tired to even type? I’ll take a nap! πŸ˜€


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