The week that was…

We had a great last week..My sister arrived for a much awaited visit and Ms.Aadya is on the top of the world since then.Every night she wants to sleep with her and after the bedtime story,comes running to our room..:)
Sis is on Mission Organise and is doing just that to all the rooms and cupboards in the house!!LOL!
Yeah Yeah..I am a lousy housekeeper..
We got the christmas tree out and put up the ornaments..it looks nice..but I still want more ornaments..so,we’re bauble shopping now.
The look of adoration on Aadya’s face when DH took out the christmas tree!Daddy is the superhero!She couldn’t stop saying “Wowwwwwwwwwww” and “Thank you Papa”.She picked one side of the tree and sat down to decorate just 3 branches!!LOL!
Ohhh!I love the holiday season..Diwali,Thanksgiving,Christmas..
I am nostalgic for the holiday seasons spent in USA..specially the decorated malls and holiday spirit. Here in Australia,the christmas decorations came up last week..but still I miss the holiday hustle-bustle in USA. May be city will be busier!
I can’t believe it..we have been here 3 years.:) I am still getting used to a summer christmas..:)
How was your week? and what are your holiday plans??
P.S. do try and guess the exhibit in the last pic of the last post.


2 thoughts on “The week that was…

  1. Wish you a happy festive season, Trish!

    Daddy became the hero for pulling out the Christmas tree? 😀
    Hey, will we get treated to pics of all this festivity? 😀 😀

    Enjoy your summer Christmas! Your blog is having a traditional one… snowfall and all! 😀



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