Diet -Day25-NaBloPoMo

There you go,Goofy mumma,Shruti and Shakti-
South Beach Diet
And I also found this great site,which has a whole bunch of easy recipes to inspire you and tide you over the first phase of this diet..trust me,you will wish,you were doing this for more than 2 weeks.
Here are the recipes :South Beach Diet Recipes-Phase1 from Kayln’s Kitchen
I started today and got through day 1..WOoohoo!
This is what I ate today:
Breakfast– 2 chicken herb sausages,1 tomato pan grilled with 1/2 tsp oil with salt and pepper,1 cup tea with one sugar and 2 tsp milk
Morning Snack-I was out and so missed it.had about 8 half walnuts
Lunch– 1 bowl moong salad with tomato,lettuce,and lemon juice,chaat masala and salt.
Afternoon Snack-2 boiled eggs,1/2 capsicum pan grilled (in the morning tomato pan) with salt and pepper,sprinkled with cheese,1 cup tea with one sugar and 2 tsp milk.
While cooking dinner-1/2 glass of V8
Dinner 2 bowls daal,1/4 cup salad,1 chicken breast-tikka.
Water 6 glasses.
The only thing,I haven’t changed is..my sugar intake,because,if I don’t drink tea,I don’t have any other sugar..so far so good..:)


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