October Artsy-Craftsy –Day 20 NaBloPoMo

Its been so long since we participated in Artsy-Craftsy…Infact,its been a while since we did any crafts or crafting-as Aadya calls it. I just don’t have the enthu for anything crafty..No seriously,its like my brain is switched off.Even,coming up with blog posts,is so difficult..like I said-my brain is switched off.Remember the book I said,I was writing..?you don’t?I don’t blame you..sometimes I don’t either.I sit down to write..and I sit..and  I sit..its like my brain is flashing “ACCESS DENIED”.

Anyway,not to digress anymore..here are our entries for October Artsy Craftsy..

DSC_0443 We used PlayDoh for making these. Most of the shaping was done by hand.We did make some shapes using mould and cookie cutters but they were destroyed as quickly as they were made.

DSC_0444 Clockwise- Piggy(named Aadya Piggy);Blue butterfly;Dumbo-the elephant; Ladybird; and baby in a blanket.

The black bits are whole urad dal(black dal)

I helped her with these..and we had loads of fun.I wanted to get some modelling clay,but that didn’t happen..may be another time.

Today,when I was cooking,Aadya asked for some dough.Everytime I make chapati,she has to have ‘little bit atta’ .Mostly she just rolls it around and makes it really dirty,kisses it!!LOL!

Today,she asked me to make dinosaur and castle.The Dinosaur I made,the castle I tried-which looked like a crown..LOL! Then,she asked me to make Shrek!Shrek!!!My brain sent me the same signal-“ACCESS DENIED”..I told her,I don’t know how to..I still can’t  get an image of Shrek in my mind..I know I know..I can google..but do I really want to take the effort??Nahh…Anyway,not to digress..I told her to make it herself..and she said,I will make you.I said OK..And after some 10-15 minutes,she screamed.. “Look!Mumma I made you”..I looked and this  is what I saw:


I dunno about you…But for me,this is the cutest clay model EVER!!And my baby made it all by herself..NO ADULT HELP!!Yayyyy Aadi!

Shruti,Sorry,we’ve been MIA..Here’s to many more months of Artsy-Craftsy!!


6 thoughts on “October Artsy-Craftsy –Day 20 NaBloPoMo

  1. LOL at the atta model of u.. I wish my daughter thoug I were that thin.. I’d b on cloud nine.
    N cute play dough creations. will link them up tomorrow.


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