Jack and the Beanstalk –Day 2 NaBloPoMo

That is Aadya’s favorite story these days.And what luck,this week,as a part of the school holiday programme,our local shopping center had arranged a free Jack and the Beanstalk Musical show.

We went for its yesterday and its was hoot! Adults enjoyed it as much as the kiddies.

DSC04201Thats  Jack begging his mother,that he doesn’t want to sell his Cow MilkyWhite.


The Ogre in the Castle.Check out the huge Chair and the beanstalk


The Musical Harp that puts the Ogre to sleep

DSC04200 Ms.Aadya and her friends watching the show.

The act was performed by two artist and ran for 30 minutes.It was so well choreographed.I wonder how much they charge.I would rather have something like this for a party entertainment,instead of the regular clown.. cracking silly jokes..

Ms.Aadya hasn’t stopped talking about it.


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