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What are the odds??

What are the odds that you go out wearing a two year old shirt and run into someone wearing the exact same shirt???
First off,let me tell you,I am not very brand conscious..but I love color in my clothes.And I shop from everywhere.. Around 2 years back,I went shopping with a friend and saw this top and absolutely loved it.Last year when I went to India,my sister liked it too and she kept it. This time,when I went to India,I brought it back!!LOL!
And anyway,yesterday being nice and sunny,I wore it,when I took Aadi to get some lunch.We walked around and were on our way back,when Aadi asked to be taken to Mc.Donalds and thats where we were heading,when I saw a lady asking a local for some directions.We crossed her and stopped to drink some water.Thats when she overtook us and started walking in front of us.And her cardigan flapped a little and I saw her shirt.It looked familiar..I thought..It was similar to the one that I was wearing.
She went to the left and we went to the right. Finally,we crossed the road and entered Mc.Dees…and guess who was in the line before me???
Yup!It was the same lady! She turned and I saw that it was the exact same shirt!!She ordered her food to-go.
Anyway,I also ordered food to-go..but Aadi insisted on sitting in and eating..and who should be sitting at the next table..yes the same person!!
LOL!!I dunno about you,but I was tickled pink..Now,if someone had turned up for a party,wearing the same dress as mine,I would probably not be so happy..but really,what are the odds,that you will see someone wearing the exact same shirt…yeah if its bought at a name brand store..but not something that was bought at one of the smaller shops.
My sister,aunt and cousin,ended up buying the same kurtas,from different Shoppers’ Stop outlets and imagine their surprise when they met up wearing the similar kurtas..albeit in different colors!
Oh well.. that was my bit of excitement…:D
What would be your reaction if you saw someone wear the same outfit as yours…in a place,you are just visiting???No,I dont mean a party..just a holiday somewhere…


9 thoughts on “What are the odds??

  1. Wowww! Thatz so cool šŸ˜‰
    Me and Priyanka bought the same pair of shorts and wore it to the same beach too lol, 5 mths apart @ that šŸ˜› šŸ˜›


  2. I know! This happened to me last week. I was entering office and a lady was walking towards me in the lift lobby. From a distance, I was like yeah-ok-we’re-both-wearing-striped-shirts but then she came closer and she looked so shocked that I had to notice why.. was pretty funny, but it never bothers me. Unless it’s specifically on someone I don’t like.. then I feel like a person I don’t like has the same taste as me.. and that just leaves me depressed šŸ˜€ Yeah, talk about being prejudiced!


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